South American adventure prelude

A couple months ago I chose to book a one way flight to South America for no reason in particular, other than that something in my gut was telling me I needed to go. I felt like maybe there was a person I’m meant to cross paths with down there, or something I’m supposed to experience. Fortunately, the timing was right, and I was able to gain a travel buddy right away. Fresh out of college, and eager to learn about a life beyond American college football, my little bro was excited to join in on the adventure. Unbeknownst to him there would be no fancy hotels, fluffy pillows, or all inclusive resorts. But what he will soon realize is that the next couple months will forever change him, challenge him, and with any luck grant him with the gift of a whole new perspective. I am so excited to be able share the little tricks I’ve learned throughout my travels, but even more excited to get to explore and figure out this new continent together.

First stop for us will be Cartagena, Colombia. Why? Because sky scanner found us flights for only $220 USD each. And when you find flights that cheap, you don’t ask questions. You just go. 



Stoked faces—> 4 hour layover on 2 hours sleep

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