Create & Cultivate DTLA

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Create & Cultivate conference in Downtown LA. This conference gathered together 500 female digital entrepreneurs for a weekend of talks, speaker panels, and most importantly provided an opportunity for networking. You could feel the energy buzzing in every room as we made our way around the building throughout the day. Each session providing a new and inspiring atmosphere, an opportunity to start the conversation, and to cultivate new relationships between motivated and like minded women.

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The last three keynote speakers of the evening were none other than Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and Chelsea Handler. Providing us with a little insight on the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journeys.

2016-05-07 18.12.52 2016-05-07 18.50.13 2016-05-07 20.05.36

It was amazing to be in such an empowering environment where encouragement and directional advice was freely shared. A space truly catered to women helping other women pursue their passions, and to providing a strong community along the way.
Needless to say I left the weekend on a high, inspired to get to work at generating a lifestyle combining my passions and talent for a greater purpose.

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