“Ios is party!”


Ios is party! Is what someone had told us when we said we were going, and that really is the only way to describe it. We took a high speed boat to Ios the following day and decided to stay at the popular Far Out Beach Club for 3 nights. They put us in a tiny little bungalow with maybe a 12 foot circumference and a full and single “bed” which was really just a thin mattress on a concrete slab. So funny. As soon as we got into our little hut I snagged the single bed, but quickly regretted my decision as I saw a pink lizard scurry on the wall behind my bed! I freaked out and we made some guy next door come in and remove it haha. No chance I was sleeping that night, or not sober at least. I kept envisioning Meridith from parent trap and that lizard crawling on her head and into her mouth! Gah! This hot box of a bungalow was starting to sound like an even worse idea as we couldn’t seem to get the AC go work. Luckily we headed down to the front desk and found you had to pay an extra 5 euros a night to obtain a different key that activated the AC. No questions asked we purchased the AC haha. After we finally got all settled we walked the 100 yards down to the beach. This little slice of heaven with free umbrellas and lounge chairs and and one main volleyball court. We rented a volleyball which ended up being e best way to make friends. Everyday around 3 or 4pm when people are finally waking up and getting to the beach there is a sort of tournament that starts up and you have to be sure to put your name in to get in on a game. It was a mix of other backpackers staying at the hostel and the seasonal locals that come and stay and work for four or so months during the high season and are out there playing everyday. So much fun! And good competition too!

That day we met a two Canadian girls, Jenna and Jackie, traveling together from Vancouver an Australian guy, Matt and formed a nice little group to go out that night. We drank wine and wine coolers called ‘Breezers’ that were weirdly really popular on the island? Even guys were walking around with them. Strange haha. We took the last bus up to town which leaves at five to midnight, which is technically “early” for getting into town. Once you get there you climb through the winding streets and end up finding your way to each tiny bar. But don’t let the size of the bars fool you. These people are nuts. Every bar has some kind of drink deal, with young people strategically placed out front sometimes in ridiculous outfits to get you to come in. 3 jaeger bombs for €5. 2 drinks and two shooters for €5. And the ever so popular 7 shots and a singlet for €25. (A singlet I soon realized was the Aussie term for cut off shirt and every bar had their own haha) Nice little souvenir tho of your favorite bar! Each night we wondered how we would ever make it to the wee hours of the morning, which turned out to be easier than we thought. It was just the making it to midnight part that was the hardest haha. Each ninth we ended up not getting till around 5 am. There we 3 ways to get home apparently after a night out in Ios, told to us by a guy working at our hostel… 1. The 20 or so minute wind assisted downhill stumble (which was the most popular) 2. A cab ride, if you could find one 3. Or shack up with a local and take the bus back when it starts up again in the morning haha. We chose number one along with a gyro for the walk which made it not so bad!



















The next afternoon we were back on the courts, we even won a game today! Haha but day 2 here was really awesome cause it’s such a small island you practically know everyone by the next day. The same people who work at the beach shack often also work at a bar at night too and then they go out with you after they get off work and you see them on the courts again the next day. It’s like a little family. I don’t how they stay alive with working all day and partying all night for 3 months straight but it’s defiantly not for the weak haha. This place we decided was like never never land. Everyone here is young and here to party. Working to party or partying as their “work” as many of them are paid to drink with people and get them to buy more shots and come to their bar. An escape from the world, never wanting to grow up. There we so many bars here, each had their specific times where they were good. For example many of the locals had their nightly loop they did, started their night doing “strawpeedos” which is drinking a Breezer with a straw pointed up to get the airflow so they can chug it faster haha so ridiculous to watch guys doing this and being proud of their wine cooler chugging times. Then they head to Astra or Rehab bar and worked their way around to Lost boys, Circus, Traffic, and Coo Bar, and ended their night at Pash. Crazy kids. I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle this for more than a couple nights. Before heading out that night we went up to the recommended Mexican restaurant on the side of the hill with a beautiful view and live music. The atmosphere was amazing as we sat and drank sangria as the sun set and an Irish man serenaded us with acoustic guitar. Heart melting! Gah!
















We continued the volley all day, party all night through the weekend and by Monday morning I was ready to give up drinking for a while haha. I definitely wasn’t in college anymore, but never never land will get ya every time! I absolutely loved my time in Greece but unfortunately that day I had to say my goodbyes and start my long trek back to Northern Italy. A bus, 7 hour boat ride, a night in Athens, hour bus ride to the airport, 2 hour flight, and 2 trains later I made it to La Spezia to meet up with Jen and Brooke to start our month traveling together! First stop Cinque Terre! Let the next adventure begin, Yew!


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