We’re really doing it Harry!


2014-07-23 12.04.36

Today day is the day I leave on my 6 month saunter around the world! Over the past couple years I have spent so much time staring at the map on my wall and getting lost in all the places I would go if I could. And it wasn’t until just a few short weeks ago that I finally took a leap of faith, quit my job and bought a one way ticket. While some might think it is crazy to leave behind a career I had essentially just begun and all the comforts of home, I feel like what I am most looking forward to is the uncertainty of it all. This trip has been on my heart for a long time I am so excited to see what inspiration will come from it! I am anxiously about to board my first international flight and have no idea what to expect in these next few months living out of a backpack. My first stop is Copenhagen! Join me as I figure it out along the way and take a risk at living life without a template.



5 thoughts on “We’re really doing it Harry!

  1. Go take on the world Sis!!!! We are so proud of you for going after your dreams. Most regrets from older people are not for what they have done but for what they have not done & wished that they had. Safe travels & God Bless. We Love You


  2. Keep posting pics and updating your blog Carly! I’m excited for you and looking forward to virtually traveling with you! Be safe & God Bless! ~ Carin


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